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The Passion of The Explorer

These are people who see a domain, but not the path.

The fact that the path is not clearly defined is what excites them & motivates them.

It also makes them alert to a variety of inputs that can help them to better understand the domain & discover more promising paths.

Thus they are constantly balancing the need to move forward with the need in the moment to reflect on their experiences.

Peter H. Diamandis & Steven Kotler, Bold (2015)

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Fix Politics?

A powerful, nonpartisan solution to fix politics, maybe? A variation of “Final-Five Voting”.

Bringing out the best individual candidate. Parties are there to support candidates with a high degree of value-system compatibility.

This would allow new parties to form with radical offerings without confirming to “traditional” ways.

Solutions pitched during campaign season will have to be inclusive for all level of society because a simple majority from the biggest ethnic group won’t work anymore.

A clear winner is presented even before the ballot is casted.

The candidate would have demonstrated ethos, logos & pathos.

🤔 Question: “Why does a candidate have to belong to a party? What does the party do for the candidate?”

🤯 How does one get attention? Go legitimately viral (using technology + word of mouth)

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